For the past month, I’ve been testing out the Skora Tempo, courtesy of one of my Oiselle teammates and community team member of Skora, Evelin Mortensen-Henderson.

First Impressions

Whoa, the colors! These babies are fluorescent yellow with electric teal trim. I’ve been pairing them with socks and apparel in similar muted colors with a bit of neon pop to compliment the shoes without overdoing it. Yes, I’m fashion-conscious even when I run. Shout out to Stance for their superb Fusion Run socks, and of course Oiselle for killing it in the style department.


skora2When picking up the shoes out of the box, I immediately noticed how light they were. 6.2 ounces to be exact, according to my kitchen scale. Upon examining the Tempo, it was clear the creators went to many lengths to make it as light possible, evident in the fine mesh upper, perforated tongue and arch wrap, and cutouts in the outsole.



When initially trying the Tempo on, several features stuck out to me that I liked right away:

1) The internal arch wrap. I have high arches and tend to have trouble finding footwear that contours to my feet. The Tempo hugs my arch and feels perfectly secure.


2) The seamless upper. There are hardly any stitches to be seen, except those securing one side of the tongue (see above) and the reflective pull-up tab on the heel. Otherwise, the upper materials have the appearance of being welded together, the end result feeling like one singular piece.



3) The velvety textured footbed. It just feels nice. Maybe it even helps wick sweat and adds some breathability. I’d like to think so!


Quick note on sizing- the Tempo in my usual size was quite roomy, so much that the upper material creased when I tied the shoelaces. I ended up swapping it out for a half size down, which did the trick. 


The Tempo has a fairly typical heel stack at 22m, but unlike traditional running shoes, there is absolutely zero drop in height from heel to toe. This is pretty different than what I’m used to (most of my running shoes have a heel slightly more elevated than the toe). It also feels quite flexible overall. Because of this, when running in the Tempo, I am much more aware of every step I take. I feel like I have to be a little more careful with how I run, because there’s not a big crash pad on the heel and overall not a ton of structure.


The TEMPO is perfect for my everyday easy runs, around 6-10 miles. I really enjoy taking it out on the trails, as its glove-like fit allows me to be especially precise with my footing. For long runs and recovery runs, where my form is more likely to go a little awry, I prefer to stick with something more structured.

Yeah trails!
Yeah trails!

On the grand spectrum of Skora running footwear, the Tempo is the most plush and well-cushioned of them all. It would be the perfect shoe for someone looking to transition from traditional running footwear to something that feels more natural while still getting some protection underfoot.

Huge thanks to Evelin and Skora for allowing me to test out the Tempo!

All photos by André Allen Anjos.

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