My name is Liz Anjos and I’m a musician and distance runner from Portland, Oregon. I currently divide my time between writing/recording music as Pink Feathers, touring with RAC, coaching runners, and running the day-to-day for the nonprofit and Portland-based running team, Rose City Track Club. I’m also part of the Tracksmith Hare A.C. and represent Honey Stinger as a HIVE ELITE athlete.

Growing up, I preferred singing/music/dancing to any kind of sport, but discovered in a mile time trial that I had a knack for running. From then through the end of college I ran on my school cross country and track teams for fun. Over time a little question kept tugging at me. “What if?” I decided to start training to see how fast and how far I could go. Since then I’ve been chasing personal records and dream of qualifying for the US Olympic Trials. The thing is, each year that dream becomes more and more within reach and I don’t feel so ridiculous for wanting it after all. This blog chronicles that journey and I welcome you to follow along.

Personal Records

5:18.25 – Rose City Mile 2018

10:27.47 – Portland Track Festival 3000m 2018

18:01 – Carlsbad 5000 2018

36:44 – Oiselle Tenacious 10K 2018

1:23:16 – Eugene Half Marathon 2018

2:59:17 – California International Marathon 2018


Qualified for the 2016 & 2019 Chicago Marathon American Development Program

12th American female finisher in the 2015 Berlin Marathon

Eight-time Boston Marathon Qualifier


Shoot me a line at runningliz at gmail dot com or snail mail:

Liz Anjos
422 NW 13th Ave #821
Portland, OR 97209