My name is Liz Anjos and I’m a musician and distance runner from Portland, Oregon. I currently divide my time between writing music as Pink Feathers, touring with RAC on keys/vocals, coaching runners, and managing a team I co-founded called Rose City Track Club.

Throwback to eighth grade – I was one of the most nonathletic kids in my P.E. class, but discovered in a mile time trial that I had a knack for running. From then through the end of college I ran on my schools’ cross country and track teams for fun. Over time a little question kept tugging at me. “What if?” I decided to start training, like really training to see how fast and how far I could go. Since then I’ve been chasing personal records and a farfetched dream of qualifying for the US Olympic Trials. The thing is, each year that dream becomes more and more within reach and I don’t feel so ridiculous for wanting it after all. This blog chronicles that journey and I welcome you to follow along.

Personal Records

5K – 18:01, 2018 Carlsbad 5000

10K – 38:07, 2018 Linfield Icebreaker

Half Marathon – 1:24:54, 2016 Corvallis Half Marathon

Marathon – 2:59:22, 2014 Philadelphia Marathon


Qualified for the 2016 Chicago Marathon American Development Program

12th American female finisher in the 2015 Berlin Marathon

Seven-time Boston Marathon Qualifier


Shoot me a line at runningliz at gmail dot com or snail mail:

Liz Anjos
422 NW 13th Ave #821
Portland, OR 97209