I would love to help you reach your running goals, whether you’re thinking of taking that first step or going for a Boston Marathon qualifier and beyond. When I first started running I could barely go a few minutes without stopping to catch my breath. After many years of consistency, hard work,  and a fair share of ups and downs along the way, I became a national class distance runner. I learned so much along the way and have a wealth of knowledge to share. I’ve found that running is so much more than just a physical discipline, and coaching is so much more than just handing over schedules.

My coaching experience began with assistant coaching the Greenville College Women’s Cross Country Team in 2008, where we capped off the season as SLIAC Champions. I’ve been working with individual runners since 2009 and I served as a leader for the Oregon Volée team from 2014-2016. I’m USATF and NFHS certified and currently serve as an assistant coach to the boys & girls cross country and track teams at Mountainside High School. The most consistent feedback I’ve received across the board is how I show equal care and enthusiasm for every runner no matter what their ability.

What you can expect from me:

  • An initial questionnaire/evaluation
  • Help with setting short-term and long-term goals
  • A personalized training plan by the month
  • Weekly check-in over email
  • Unlimited contact with me over email and text

What I will expect from you:

  • Communication. I want to hear the good, bad, and the ugly. No judgment.
  • Keep a shared training log and update regularly (I will provide template).
  • Commitment to your training. The plan is never written in stone and there’s always room for flexibility. What I’m looking for is an honest effort to make time for your training and give equal importance toward recovery.

If you’re local to Portland or if I happen to be visiting your hometown, I’d love to meet you face to face whether it’s to check in, time your workout, or cheer you on at a race.

For more info or if you’re ready to get started, please reach out to me at runningliz@gmail.com.