FloTrack – FloTrack makes some of the best running video content out there, from inspirational documentaries profiling athletes and teams to weekly workouts to live track/xc meets. FloPro, which gives you access to their premium content, is pricey but well worth it for any track nerd.

Letsrun – My #1 source for pro running news. I love their quote of the day and recommended reads. The message boards are… well, take it all in with a grain of salt.

Runner’s World – How could I not mention RW? They cover absolutely all things running, including news, gear, strength training, injury prevention, profile pieces, and more. I’ve been subscribing to their magazine for at least ten years and I enjoy listening to their main podcast The Runner’s World Show and their long-form story telling podcast Human Race.

The Morning Shakeout – I look forward to this newsletter written by Mario Fraioli every week. He offers great perspective on current running news and food for thought on writing, journalism, philosophy, coaching, training, and much more.

House of Run Podcast – Jason Halpin and Kevin Sully give a weekly rundown on happenings in the pro running circuit and discuss hot topics with listeners like which variety of Costco muffin is best.

Dumb Runner – Runners are ridiculous for better or worse and sometimes we just need to laugh about it. Mark Remy offers oddball news, wisdom, and humor on all things running. His use of generic stock photos kills me. You may also see a familiar blondie in the merch section.

Running On Veggies – Lottie Bildirici, the creator of Running On Veggies, offers tons of incredible tasting plant-based recipes. Lottie worked with me as a health coach and gave me tons of great advice on meal planning, stocking my kitchen, and how to use nutrition get the most out of my running.

Stop Phe – 800m runner Phoebe Wright shares her own running experiences, dishes out advice, and speaks on relevant issues. Her posts are witty and poignant.

Toni Reavis – I really appreciate anything this guy has to say on relevant and/or controversial running topics.

Oiselle – Makers of the best women’s running apparel out there. If you need a starting point, go for anything made with their lux fabric. They also happen to have a pretty cool running team.

Stance – These are the only socks I run in. They have the perfect amount of cushioning while remaining fitted and thin. They also have the coolest designs out there.

adidas Running – adidas has been incredibly supportive by sending me a variety of their footwear to train in. My go-to training shoe is the Supernova Glide and I race in the Boston Boost.

Jack Daniels’ Running Calculator – This is great pace calculator and easy tool for comparing race performances between various distances.