Portland Running Company – PRC has a phenomenal staff of veteran runners that will help you find the perfect shoes for your running gait and offer excellent training advice. I would know- I worked there for three years! They have groups runs throughout the week, sponsor many local events, and have an awesome race team.

Portland Track – #pdxtrack has made a huge effort to put Portland on the radar in the pro track circuit. They currently host three high-profile track meets, including the Portland Track Festival which has brought in big names like Mo Farah and Shalane Flanagan. I ran my fastest ever 5K at the Portland Track Festival in 2015. Give them a follow on twitter @PortlandTrack.

Forest Park Conservancy – Forest Park is my very favorite place to run in Portland. It’s one of the largest urban forest reserves in the country, boasting the 30 mile Wildwood Trail and 11 mile Leif Erikson Drive. There was a recent study showing that Forest Park can be up to fifteen degrees cooler than the hottest parts of Portland. So for that I give thanks to the trees and the volunteers that protect them!

P.A.C.E. – An acronym for Portland Athletic Center of Excellence, P.A.C.E. lives up to its name. Whether you’re looking for a tailored strength training regiment to correct weaknesses or imbalances or in need of physical therapy to overcome an injury, the specialists here will get you where you need to be. In 2014 Jonathan Eng helped me get from a point where I couldn’t run without terrible knee pain in January to running the Boston Marathon in April. The staff works with some of the best athletes in the area including the Nike Oregon Project.

Kinetic Integration – I saw Dr. Hohensee in a panic shortly after I strained my hamstring during a run. He spent about two hours with me during my first visit to get an idea of how I move, then he did some soft tissue work on my leg and gave me a bunch of targeted stability and strengthening exercises to do at home. On top of that, his rates were super reasonable.

Karlee Coffey Massage, LLC – Karlee is an amazing MT based in Lake Oswego. She’s an accomplished runner (11-time All-American and 3-time national champ) so she understands firsthand the issues runners have to deal with.

Oregon Ballet Theatre – Practicing ballet has been a huge help to me as a runner. I started taking classes as an absolute beginner in 2012 and worked my way up to their regular drop-in classes. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my posture, balance, flexibility, and core strength. Plus it’s just highly enjoyable! Check out the company’s performances if you want to feel inspired and sign up for a class if you want to try it out for yourself.

YoYo Yogi – My yoga studio of choice. The owners are incredibly welcoming, sweet, and positive. Check out their 4:30 weekday happy hour class for just $10.